Where I Go Every Sunday Morning…..

So where do I go? To my local farmers market of course! Fresh produce makes up the bulk of our diet and if we can buy local and organic, well the benefits are well worth the early Sunday morning trip, even in the rain!

I love to buy local. There is something really special about meeting the people who have grown the food you are about to buy. I know my veggies are grown roughly 10kms away by a dedicated family who are continuing the legacy of their late father and grandfather. Who by the way never sprayed anything he grew, preferring to spend hours hand picking off the grubs and caterpillars! My apples, citrus and berries come from a place down south where they don’t have to spray because it gets too cold for the fruit fly to strike. I also know that this same farmer’s co-op source the other fruit varieties they sell from other ethical and/or organic growers.

It also means I can buy in season produce which is fresher and still jam-packed full of nutrients because it was literally picked “yesterday”! I feel sad for the produce in the giant supermarket chain stores that have spent weeks or months in cold storage slowly leaching all their valuable vitamins and minerals. Supporting small business, means supporting real people and not some faceless corporation whose biggest aim is their own bottom dollar and not the freshness or quality of the food they sell.


Not everything I buy is organic, but I do buy organic as much as possible. Keeping my family’s toxic burden low is a huge priority for me. I know that a lot of people (including myself in the beginning) avoid organic products because of the initial cost. Yes it is usually more expensive, but I have dropped so many other “un-necessary” items off our grocery list in order to clean up our fridge and pantry, I now find myself spending the same on groceries now as I did before we bought organic items. It has really become a new way of thinking. I now buy more staple items such as flour, nuts and bulk fruit, so I can bake our own bread, make my own almond milk, nut pastes and juice our own fruit. It also means we consume less of “treat type” foods, such as baked goods and eat more fresh foods instead.

Frenches Forest Markets is my local organic farmers’ market. It’s held every Sunday between 7 and 11am rain, hail or shine. Love to see you there some time 🙂

photo (6)

My haul from Frenches Forest Markets!


About goingrawwithkids

My name is Rahni and I live in Sydney Australia with my four wonderful children and clever hubby. I love the simplicity of eating raw foods, not to mention all the health and environmental benefits that go along with it. This is my journey to discovering a more raw lifestyle with kids in tow!
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