My first ever RAW cleanse…(I lasted a day!)

I did this “cleanse” and wrote the post about it a few weeks ago, but didn’t post it here because I felt like I had failed. I had set out to do a 10 day raw cleanse and ended up only doing 1 day! The more I thought about my “1 day”, it began to highlight an important fact: that sometimes it takes baby steps to get where we want to go. So I decided to share what I did anyway, because just 1 day or even 1 raw food meal is a success and a huge benefit to mind and body. Even if it is just to let our selves know that eating raw IS possible.

So here it is, my 1 full day of all raw. I hope it gives you some courage to take some baby steps too 🙂

When it comes to food, I struggle with self control and moderation. I know I am not alone, but it feels like I am alone when I am staring in the fridge and ALL the yummy things my hubby eats that I shouldn’t, are just begging me to eat them….. and I cave, on an all too regular basis!

I have been wanting to do a proper cleanse for a long time and I have over the months, incorporated a few daily cleansing rituals into my life, but I have never been able to make it past lunch time on juices and smoothies. Dinner just always smells too good and well, you know how that ends…..

But today I am going to cleanse come hell or high water and I’m being accountable to the great wide world of the internet and taking it a day at a time….. So here we go!

DAY ONE: So far I have indulged in my daily cleansing routine: oil pulling first thing, 1 huge glass of lemon water followed by 1 big glass of plain water before brekky, dry brushed myself before my shower and then had my green smoothie for breakfast. However! This smoothie is different, no nuts, madjool dates or cacao! (which is big for me, as I love and depend on these things so much!) I wanted this one to be really cleansing and light on my digestive system.

Here is what I made:

  • 2 Bananas
  • 1 Granny Smith apple, cored and cut into chuncks
  • 1 Small lemon, peeled
  • 1/2 Lebanese cucumber
  • Handful of coriander (cilantro)
  • 2 Kale leaves
  • 2 Handfuls of English spinach
  • 500ml coconut water

All blended until very smooth and creamy. It made roughly 1L of which I drank most of and my little Miss 4 had the rest.

And to my surprise we both really enjoyed it!

photo (21)

11am-ish is morning tea time at our place for Miss 4, who likes crackers with my super yummy cashew cheese and then a few madjool dates. I had to leave the room and drink water, it nearly killed me haha!

1pm-ish I made a repeat of the above and shared it again with Miss 4. She’s having raw honey on some of Daddy’s homemade bread and a bowl of frozen berries.

2:30pm and I’m craving something to chew! Having a Berry Banana smoothie instead 🙂

photo (22)

This afternoon, I have had a few cravings, mainly around the times that my kids were eating afternoon tea and then later when I was cooking my ratatouille to go with some pasta for their dinner. I have just kept busy and drunk lots of water.

My dinner consisted of a nice hot jasmine tea. I wasn’t hungry at all and just wanted something warm and comforting to drink, so jasmine tea it was. Here’s to eating raw all day!

So all up, my 1 day was a fresh food day that was 100% raw, 100% healing and 100% clean. I am loving that my 1 day cleanse was a success, as that is something I thought (for me) was totally impossible!

Next time I endevour to cleans for longer 😉

If you would like to check out another blogger who loves her  “1 Day Mini Cleanse” , check out: Almost Raw Vegan


About goingrawwithkids

My name is Rahni and I live in Sydney Australia with my four wonderful children and clever hubby. I love the simplicity of eating raw foods, not to mention all the health and environmental benefits that go along with it. This is my journey to discovering a more raw lifestyle with kids in tow!
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