Lazy Sunday Meals…..

It’s Sunday here in Aus and it’s the one day in the week where I really don’t want to cook. I love my early morning trips to my local farmers’ market, (check out my post here) but after lugging all that wonderful fresh produce around, the last thing I want to do afterwards, is cook! Which means I like recipes that can be made by someone other than moi, that the kids really love and that make use of some of the amazingly fresh food that I’ve just brought home.

So I thought I would share our typical Sunday eats, made up of some of my kids’ favourite meals that even my nine year old can make πŸ™‚

Green Smoothies – of course!! And The Chocolate Greenie would have to be THE family favourite. Beautiful bananas, sweet, madjool dates, fresh spinach….who could resist!

photo (20)

My Hey Pesto! is a great one. I keep a jar of it in the fridge for days such as these! Versatile, easy and all I’m required to do is monitor a pot of boiling water! (and when I do finally buy a spiralizer-thingy we’ll be completely rawing it and the kids can do the lot!)

photo (7)

A mid-afternoon pick-me-up? My Favourite Green Juice of course! I have to admit, I do need to supervise this one closely, but there is nothing more exciting for my lot than poking veggies into the juicer with the safety plunger! They argue over it lol πŸ™‚

Rahnis photos 2012-2013 724

And hows this for a knock-up Sunday evening meal?? Cacao Pancakes with fresh berries, Raw Coconut Yoghurt or Sweet Cashew Cream and maple syrup? Yeah baby!!

Cacao pancakes for dinner, yum!!

Cacao pancakes for dinner, yum!!photo (11)

Happy Sunday everyone!



About goingrawwithkids

My name is Rahni and I live in Sydney Australia with my four wonderful children and clever hubby. I love the simplicity of eating raw foods, not to mention all the health and environmental benefits that go along with it. This is my journey to discovering a more raw lifestyle with kids in tow!
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