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Posted on February 12, 2013

My name is Rahni and I live in Sydney Australia with my four wonderful children and clever hubby. I have been toying with the idea of shifting my family to a high raw, vegan lifestyle for a few months now, with the aim to at least making one or two of their meals raw everyday. I love the simplicity of eating raw and vegan not to mention all the health and environmental benefits that go along with it, but how does one do it with kids (and a fussy husband)?

 Sydney from north head

My family is vegetarian, so I guess we are part of the way there, in that we don’t have to give up meat and we already eat a fairly good variety of fresh fruit and veg. However, now that I want to rev up our diet a couple of notches in the health department, I find myself faced with a rather large challenge!

Eating high raw vegan is not only about the food we eat, but it is a lifestyle choice as well, particularly when eating out or “on the run”. Looking around at my family of six, they are all very happy with our vegetarian lifestyle and (in particular Mr Fussy Pants the reluctant hubby) have no desire to change.

So how do I inspire my family and create recipes that they will actually try? Thus far I have found it rather hard to find good information, advice or recipes etc on what other’s have successfully or otherwise fed their kids, when morphing to a high raw vegan diet. I have a lot of questions!

  • How do you feed a growing “almost tween” who is hungry all the time?
  • What foods are the best ones to feed growing kids?
  • Do I need to use supplements?
  • What are “super foods”?
  • What do you do to get more raw greens into people who don’t really like them?
  • Do I have to dehydrate everything?
  • Healthy raw snacks, do I have to make something every time?

… and when you’re only meant to be eating  from THIS food pyramid …

raw vegan food pyramid

… these were only the beginning of my questions!

Perhaps I have been looking in the wrong places, but never the less this blog is dedicated to our journey involved in adopting a more raw vegan  lifestyle with, four children all of whom have varying likes and dislikes and one very reluctant and fussy husband who firmly believes that the way he eats now is just fine.

I can’t promise that every recipe will be 100% raw, but they will be 100% plant based and vegan. So expect recipes, some of which I am sure will be a successes and others a failure, many funny family food stories….. and (I am sure) many more bits and pieces!

So join me on my quest to better my family’s health and wellness through a high raw vegan diet and lifestyle. This is a place where I will share what I learn and discover along the way.

xo Rahni


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