Where I Started

I initially heard about the raw food diet five or so years ago whilst researching birthing options for the up coming birth of child number three. I found a pregnancy and birth forum where some of the members ate a raw diet. My immediate reaction was: “No way! How can anyone just eat cold salads and fruit all the time??”

photo (2)

I was raised in a home where healthy eating was a priority; my mother had a degree in it! Initially introduced to only vegan foods as a baby, gradually that changed into a vegetarian diet which I continued to eat (apart from a few years where I experimented with meat), right up until very recently. However, healthy eating sharply came to the fore-front when my mum was diagnosed with cancer.

Her search to re-asses her diet inspired me to take a much closer look at what my family was eating. It was shocking to discover that some of the foods we were consuming that were marketed as “healthy” and had little or no nutritional value at all! And so my journey began. Reading labels on everything from reconstituted juices and breakfast cereal to shampoo and skin lotions. There were a lot of items that quickly began disappearing off the grocery list!

Fast forward to now and I realised that even though I was making better choices in the supermarket through eliminating a lot of processed foods from our cupboards, buying organic as much as possible and getting rid of 95% of chemicals from our bathroom and laundry, I was still carrying excess weight, felt tired and our family caught nearly every cold or flu going: I took another look at raw foods.

I bought a copy of Mimi Kirk’s book Live Raw and was really inspired by her story and the variety of dishes and ways to prepare simple raw meals. I started juicing straight away and ditched my breakfast cereal (which I disliked immensely anyway) for a green juice and my adaptation of Mimi’s Hearty Breakfast recipe. That was fine for me, but what about the rest of the family…….? Desserts! Kids (and husbands) love sweet treats! Check out my recipes to see what we love to eat 🙂


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